People in Need Mission in Georgia

People in Need's mission in Georgia started in 2006, as we supported the reintegration of returnees. 10 years later, PIN's mission in Georgia has visibly grown but continues to be underpinned by PIN's core value of supporting people in need to freely make decisions about their lives.

PIN's goal in Georgia is to reduce poverty and inequalities, particularly in rural areas by:

1) Making poor people benefit from economic growth (Agriculture and Rural development)

2) Building the capacity of people, organisations and networks to advocate and implement changes (Civil Society Development)

3) Protecting the most vulnerable households which remain excluded from the development process (Social Protection and Inclusion)

In the event of a disaster, PIN also works to save lives and protect dignity of people affected. Today, PIN's activities are implemented from central offices in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Kazbegi in cooperation with over 10 local partner organisations. PIN employs over 25 national staff as well as 3 expatriate staff members.

Agriculture and Rural Development

PIN helps small subsistence farmers and their families escape poverty. PIN supports the formation of cooperatives of like-minded farmers, and give them access to the information, markets and services they need to develop their livelihoods. To do so, PIN works with all actors to connect them and build their capacity- starting from farmers, to vocational education institutions, professional associations and extension services. PIN introduced the LEADER approach to Georgia and set up local action groups which decide themselves what investments should be made to diversify the rural economy and offer opportunities for young people to stay in rural areas.

Civil Society Development and Local Governance

PIN supports the development of a civil society which is grassroots-based, is able to constructively engage local authorities and other stakeholders on the issues that matter the most to local communities. To do so, PIN works to scale up a well-proven mechanism of participatory local development. PIN provides grants and training to local NGOs, active citizens and in particular, young people and municipalities to jointly solve community issues and ‘learn by doing, while encouraging them to finance local development increasingly by themselves.

Social Protection and Inclusion

Based on our rich experience in the Czech Republic, PIN establishes coordination mechanisms between local NGOs, the national and local government to improve together the quality and outreach of social services in rural areas, and employability of vulnerable people. Through grants, trainings and coaching, PIN provides opportunities for business start-up for vulnerable people and for the establishment of social enterprises. PIN fights the stigma towards vulnerable groups using innovative methodologies such as teaching through documentary films to raise awareness and provoke a debate among the population.


The main donors of the current projects are the  European Commissionthe Government of the Czech Republic  and U.S. Agency for International Development - USAID

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